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computerProz works very hard to assure you receive exactly the right equipment for your unique application. We go to extraordinary means to assure the quality of our components, employing stringent quality control measures and exceptional customer support and service-at surprisingly affordable prices. In fact, one of the reasons we've been so successful is that we usually exceed our larger competitors in providing great personal service and support. And all of our products carry a limited lifetime warranty.  Check back often for the latest in specials and ongoing upgrades for you computer needs

computerProz offers a wide array of equipment, including high end Intel-based Pentium and Pentium Pro workstations and servers. Continue to our shop and configure your own system, or browse through our preconfigured systems and bundled systems. Our bundles represent exceptional values, and current configurations and prices are available upon request. We also offer a full line of peripherals such as:

Intel Pentium Processor
Intel Pentium

Microsoft Corporation

Lifetime Warranty

Microsoft Y2K
Microsoft Y2K



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