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Issue 1 What do you do when you're stranded half way across the galaxy from home? Get a roommate! It's cops and robbers, aliens and spaceships. There'll be speedy chases, fist-o-flyin and maybe even an explosion or two. Join Decoy, a shape-shifting little alien and his rookie roommate as they meet for the first time. Oh, and did I mention one of the main characters dies! All in this pulse pounding first issue. $2.75
Issue 2 It's funeral time as we mourn the? What? What do you mean he's not dead? Eh-hem, sorry about that folks. Luck's alive and he can't believe it. But, what are those marks on his neck and since when did he become bullet proof? Tune in as we discover this and other mysteries like? Why some men like to dress like women? And, how tough can a guy named Sgt. Lieutenant be? Be on hand for this sense shattering issue as we reveal the first Super-Villain for the Penny-Farthing Universe! What? He's not the first? Oh well just join us will you? $2.75
Issue 3 It's a race to our final issue of this action packed mini-series as Decoy and Luck meet, face-to-face, for the first time. While some pieces of the puzzle are filled in, new ones take their place. The search for Waterson's daughter? Malfunctioning radios? Destruction of the entire police force, and the eternal the question? What do Alien Crack and Methane have in common? Now that Decoy and Luck have joined forces the underwear? (Uh, sorry)underworld better watch out. $2.75
Issue 4 This final issue's got it all ? With less than an hour until everything is thrown into total chaos. Luck's been left squirming like a worm on a hook in the clutches of Nabob & his goons. And with the mother-ship calling Decoy home, he has a tough decision to make - catch his ride back home or save Earth from alien invasion. Tune in for this tumultuous issue as we learn? What the heck does Nabob have sticking out of his neck? And? Why are these naked aliens running around without sunscreen? $2.75
Set of 4 What do you do when you're abandoned on a planet across the galaxy from home? Get a roommate! $10.00
Trade Paper Back What do you do when you're abandoned on a planet across the galaxy from home? Get a roommate! $15.95
Retro Pack What do you do when you're abandoned on a planet across the galaxy from home? Get a roommate! $11.00
One Shot You know you want to hug him. Don't deny it-it's okay. We're here for you, really. In fact, just to get you your Decoy fix, your favorite little green alien is back in this Decoy One-shot from Courtney Huddleston. This time, as Decoy flashes his cute little green moon all over Dolphin City, the devious Dr. Alloy sets his plans in motion. With Nabob out of the way, Alloy is free to use his robotic creations as he sees fit -in this case to steal some mysterious alien blue prints that could advance Earth's technology by more than 50 years, or just his and he's not a nice man. Features a fantastic gatefold cover! $2.75