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Trunk Shows offer a wonderful opportunity for you and your guests to view and experience the wonderful clothing offered by Once Upon A Time.
Scheduling Trunk Shows
Priority is given to the hostess/sales representatives whose performance excels. The earlier the show the better the response, thus the hostess/sales representatives with the greatest sales will be given first choice for dates. Please bear in mind that it takes approximately 10 weeks to process and deliver your orders. By scheduling a party early in the season, your guests are certain to receive their clothes prior to the appropriate season for which they are buying.
Prior to the Trunk Show
Invitations: We will provide you with invitations for your guests. Hostesses will be responsible for completing the invitations and mailing them to the guests. We recommend the invitations be mailed 7 to 10 days prior to the show. To insure a successful show your guest list should include at least 50 names. It is better if you can send out 50 to 75 invitations because our experience has shown that approximately 30% of those invited will attend your show.

Sample Set: Prior to your show, you will receive a sample set which will consist of 50 to 60 garments. These garments will be a combination of different styles and fabrics that we are offering for the current season. This will allow your guests to see the quality of the fabrics and the garments themselves. It will also give them the opportunity to try them on their children so they may determine their correct size. You will not be provided with every garment that we are offering, however, the booklet illustrates every item that is available for that season.

When you receive your sample set, you will also be provided with all necessary materials needed to host a successful trunk show. (i.e. invoices, additional catalogs, sizing charts, etc.)
After the Trunk Show
When your shows are complete, you will be asked to ship your sample set to the next scheduled representative or our offices. We will reimburse you for all costs of shipping.